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What we do for your business?

Smart Virtual Solution helps you find, implement, simplify and manage the virtual technologies needed for your business to thrive in today’s fast paced marketplace.

We start with where you are and what you need right now

We consult with you to find out what your current pain points are, what you’ve already tried, and what your goals are. We work with you to determine next steps. 

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We help customers find you

Google Profile

“If you aren’t on Google, are you really in business?”

We make sure that you have an optimized Google Profile (previously Google My Business) to optimize your visibility in your local area. If you run an online shop, we load your products in the Shopping Tabs so you are quickly found by potential customers.

Distribute your business name everywhere

But Google isn’t the only game in town – and being found by Siri and Alexa and other search engines is important, too. So we connect your business to more than 100 other services to ensure your name is found across the internet. 

Optimize your website

Finally, we can update or create your website on the best-in-class website builder on the internet – WordPress. Your site will be optimized for mobile viewing with a clean design that is easy to read. 

We help you bring customers back

Customer Reviews

Reviews can make or break a business. Most people forget to take the time to leave a review for most businesses. We set up a system to easily ask for reviews that starts an automated process of text and email requests. Then you can track and respond to all reviews as they come in. Easy peasy!

Automated Follow-Ups

Do you currently perform one-and-done services for customers, but know you could help them again? All it takes is a bit of follow-up. A monthly email newsletter can give some simple name recognition to your business. Seasonal reminders to  have work done. Or a quick text to see how things are going can go a long way to keeping your customers coming back. Best part – these can be done automatically, in the background while you help others.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Do you have something you can send to a customer for their birthday? A discount on a service? Or a simple message? Our system can help you keep track of important dates so you can send a thoughtful message – completely automated.

We help you stay organized

There’s a lot of moving parts to running a business. So we help you find great technology to keep you organized, and develop systems and processes to keep your business running smoothly. And as you grow, you can easily teach new employees how to jump in and start helping you become even more successful.


Why choose Smart Virtual Solution to partner with your business?

It’s tough to let someone behind the scenes of the business you have worked so hard to build. So why let us help you?

We immerse ourselves in your business.

Not sure what’s going to help you most? We can help! We will strategize with you to determine what you are doing now, what you’ve done in the past, what your budget is, and what you can do to move forward without breaking the bank.