I am choosing AUTHENTICITY over branding. Although I run 2 companies that are very different from each other, they are both a part of me, and I’m no longer interested in having multiple social pages. 

You will find a bit about Smart  Virtual Solution, my virtual technology consulting business here. You will also find a bit about my personalized gift business, Oak Mesa Designs.

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What if you could meet 5-6 new potential business referrals partners from the comfort of your home in under an hour?

A Smart Virtual Networking event is a bit like speed dating, only for businesses. We meet in a Zoom room and go over a bit of orientation. There might be a guest speaker providing a bit of education and value. Then you will be sent into smaller rooms to chat with 1 or 2 other people throughout the event.

Why compare it to speed dating? Because you will go into several rooms during the hour, talking to different business owners each time!

It’s a great chance to meet new people and start building relationships. Those relationships may be your next client, great referral partner, or even a good friend.

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What if your virtual technology problems could be solved in minutes instead of hours...or days?

Are you spending too much time trying to resolve a pesky technology issue? Have you been falling down the Google and YouTube black hole, and still can’t fix your issue?

Frustrated woman with tech problems

Looking for personalized gifts made by Oak Mesa Designs?

I have a separate website for that company. Click the photo for direct access.

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