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Simple Ways To Discover The Hidden Gold In Your Contact List

Everyone says that you have gold in your contact list. But what does that actually mean? And how do you mine for that gold?

If you have been in business for any length of time, you’ve started to make contacts, meet people, joined groups, and used social media. So even if it’s not organized, you have a contact list.

Or, if you have been in business for years and have collected payments through an online processor, collected any emails or phone numbers for memberships or orders, or any other collection of customer data, you have a list.

So how do you use it?

First, you need to organize it. The easiest way is a spreadsheet. Set up columns for first name, last name, email address, phone number, website and other pertinent information.

The best way is to use a virtual database, or a CRM, which stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRMs are technology used for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. These allow you to expand on the data you kept in the spreadsheet, as well as track tasks, notes, activities like calls or emails, and where they are in your pipeline or customer journey.

Then What?

Then it’s time to speak to those people in your list. A traditional method is email marketing – or newsletters. Those pretty emails that are sent out to get you to buy something or teach something. A lot of people have them. But how many people actually open them?

The average open rate for an email marketing campaign is 18%. So if you send to 100 people, 18 people opening your message is an average expectation. 25% is considered a really good open rate.

What if you could wake that list of contacts up in another way? If you "Reactivate" your list?

Database reactivation is a marketing strategy that helps you reach out to your existing contact list. It’s a way to reignite the relationship with your potential customers and clients who have been inactive in their use of your products or services.

In the past, the way marketers would reactivate lapsed customers was to send out a letter. Today, they can leverage database reactivation software to accomplish this effectively and cost-effectively.

The best reactivation campaigns are simple and automated. AND….they are not always emailed.

SMS, or text messages, have become the new marketing tool for small businesses. And they are perfect for reactivation campaigns. On average, SMS messages are opened 98% of the time, and typically within 15 minutes of being received. So they are at least seen, if not read completely.

A typical campaign would work like this….say you own a gym. As potential clients come visit to get pricing or see the amenities, you collect all pertinent contact data while they are there. Maybe they decide not to sign up for some reason. Or maybe they did sign up for 90 days, but didn’t come back. Now is the time to pull out that information and send them a quick text.

"Hey Jane! This is Sheila at Gym Around The Corner. We have some free 3-day passes left over this month. We would love to set one aside for you. Are you interested?"

First, the text is personalized. So they know the message is intended for them. Second, it’s brief. Not trying to overwhelm them. Third, it has a hard to refuse offer that gets them in the door. Finally, it asks for a response.

This can be used in ANY industry, especially if you have those key things.

But it sounds time consuming. And overwhelming. And then what? How do I contact 100, 500, 1,000, 5,000 people that way? And keep it organized?

Database reactivations can bring in more money

A marketing partner and a great tool makes this process simple and manageable!

Smart Virtual Solution has a tool that can do this service for you! Your list is contacted slowly, but regularly, so you don’t get overwhelmed with responses. The information is kept in a virtual database, so you can see all of the relevant information, including the conversations. Appointments can be booked with you and the contact lickity-split.

And there are automations in place so that follow-ups and reminders are done in the background.

But you are busy, and don't have time to respond to those messages.

That’s ok! Smart Virtual Solution has that covered for you, too! We work with you to determine your goal – an appointment, a walk-in, a sign-up, a view of a video – any outcome you want. And we work with the messaging and follow-ups to direct your contacts down the path you want.

I don't know what to offer

There are hundreds of possibilities, in all sorts of industries. And if we can’t come up with something, Smart Virtual Solution has a vast network of others that can help us brainstorm ideas.

What if I don't have their phone numbers?

That’s ok – emails are still possible. 18-25% of your list opening your message is still better than zero.

How much gold do you think you can find in your list?

This is the perfect time to reactivate your database. Start 2022 off with a bang! We are offering a limited-time special that allows you to bring back inactive customers starting at  $119 per month (normally $999)! Just click on the button below to schedule a chat with me. 

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